Rescue Rebuild Animal Shelter Renovation Application

  • Rescue Rebuild is a shelter renovation program that recruits volunteers from all over the country to help animal shelters in need. We travel to selected shelters and spend one to two weeks working to complete general repairs and renovations.

    Below is a list of some of the projects our team can complete, but we can do much more!

    • Outdoor Exercise Pens (typically 25’ x 25’ or larger)
    • Meet & Greet Areas (interior or exterior)
    • Installation of New Kennels
    • Concrete Related Projects
    • Outdoor Cat Enclosures
    • Repair Existing Chain Link
    • Shed Installation
    • Pole Barn Installation (for storage or kennel placement)
    • Painting (interior or exterior)
    • Raised Dog Beds
    • Shade Screen for Outdoor Pens (cloth, metal or wood) • Benches
    • Coyote Rollers (prevents dogs from fence jumping)
    • Shelving
    • Dog & Cat Enrichment Items
    • Creation of Photo Shoot Areas
    • Landscaping

    Fill out the following application, upload your pictures and 990 (if applicable, or a basic budget if you are applying for a municipal shelter) at the end of the application, and with a little luck our Rescue Rebuild team may be coming to your shelter!

    Limitations: Rescue Rebuild can renovate private and municipal-run shelters. However, at this time, an organization must have a physical location owned by the organization. We are unable to build at locations that function as someone's residence or leased property unless there is an official Memorandum of Understanding stating that the organization may use said property for at least the next 10 years.

    Please say in a short paragraph why you would like Rescue Rebuild to come to your shelter:
  • This does not need to be exact. We recommend using the outside dimensions of your building, or using Google maps to estimate size based on a birds-eye view.
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    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
    Please upload pictures of your organization's facility, especially of the areas that you would like Rescue Rebuild's help with. (Up to 20 Pictures)
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    Please upload your organization's 990 (if applicable, or a basic budget if you are applying for a municipal shelter) from the last two years.