Rescue Rebuild is Heading to Special Pals, Houston!

We’re excited to announce that Rescue Rebuild is heading to the Special Pals shelter in Houston this upcoming January!  We had the pleasure of visiting Special Pals earlier this year and were impressed with the amazing ways that they serve their local area.  Through an affordable in-house clinic, free education, and adoption services, Special Pals is making a big impact in the Houston area.

Unfortunately, Special Pals has serious obstacles in their way as they try to scale up their operations and rescue and re-home more cats and dogs: the current facilities do not allow them to meet their new adoption goals, and they need to be improved for the increased mental health of the animals in their care. The dogs at the shelter spend most of their times in kennels, which means they don’t get much time to run and play, and spend much of their time stressed out. The only space for cats is in the lobby of the shelter, where their cages line the walls. Special Pals is limited by their current facilities, but they also know that adoption rates spike by as much as 25% when animals have dedicated outside areas. 

In order to alleviate those issues, Rescue Rebuild will be partnering with volunteers from various states as well as the local community to bring 2 new buildings to the Special Pals campus.  A local donor is matching donations up to $40,000 to make this project a reality, but we need your help! Our goal is to bring an awesome “Doggy Retreat” building as well as one of our signature “CattyShack” buildings with an outdoor “Catio” space.Smiling dog

The “Doggy Retreat” building will provide four new rooms where dogs can get out of a loud shelter environment and into a quiet, home-like space where they can relax.  Each room will have an indoor space with a cozy dog bed, climate control, and a couch.  Whenever the doggies would like some fresh air, they will have their very own door to an outdoor space that they’ll have all to themselves.  All this makes for a happy, more adoptable pup.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, the cats at Special Pals are about to get their very own “CattyShack!” The new buildingIMG_3400 will be complete with perches, rope bridges, hiding spots, and an outdoor “Catio” space where the cats can get fresh air and play on more bridges and platforms than they can imagine! In past projects, we’ve seen incredible increases in adoption rates of cats when they are living in these spaces.  In addition to that, the cats tend to be healthier, calmer, and better socialized when living in these indoor/outdoor communities with one another.


We’ll be starting this project on December 31st and working through January 14th, and we would love for you to be a part of it!  There are lots of ways to get involved:

Sign up to Volunteer: Apply to Volunteer

Donate to the Project (donations matched up to $40,000):  Click to Donate

Donate Building Materials: Click to Email

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Thanks for supporting Rescue Rebuild! Keep an eye out for more pictures and video from this project!