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Favorite Four – Shelter Rebuilder vs. Kibble Dribbler

With the brackets now set, let the madness begin! Of course, we’re not talking about that bracket. We’re talking about GreaterGood.org’s 1st annual Favorite Four! Throughout March you’ll have the opportunity to raise money for your favorite GreaterGood.org Animal Signature Programs. This year Rescue Bank is hoping to dribble its way to more kibble, while Rescue Rebuild is in the paint hoping it doesn’t just throw up bricks. Meanwhile, in our other match, A Shot at Life has been throwing up lifesaving shots while the Animal Medical team is executing plays with surgical precision. It should be an exciting tournament, and no matter who comes out on top, shelter animals all win!

Our first matchup is Rescue Bank vs. Rescue Rebuild. Let’s take a look at our contestants:

Rescue Bank: With a strong starting lineup of shelter pups and kitties that are hungry for victory, this team will be hard to beat. They started the season strong, and have been delivering almost as many victories as they have been delivering meals. This team has fed over 250 million pets since its inception—that’s something to make any team feel proud. Just $25 sends 500 meals to shelters so they can feed hungry shelter pets in need.

Rescue Rebuild: Rescue Rebuild’s been sinking buckets for over 10 years, and when they throw bricks, they land in a neat retaining wall holding up life-saving spaces in animal shelters across the globe. They may save lives, but this team is as tough as hammers and nails; it should be an interesting matchup, to say the least! Just $25 sponsors 50 bricks for their next shelter rebuild!

Your donations between March 15th–March 20th will determine who gets to move on to the Championship Round. They will face the winner of A Shot at Life and Animal Medical in the Championship Round on March 27th.

Who will be the winner of this year’s Favorite Four? YOU can help decide today by clicking here!