Let the Cats Play!

By Zach Baker, Director of Rescue Rebuild

This past June, Rescue Rebuild paid a visit to Ruff Start Rescue in Princeton, Minnesota to transform their space. Ruff Start is a foster based rescue, meaning that many of their animals live off-site, but the rescue’s facilities are an essential part of how Ruff Start is able to have hundreds of fosters at one time. Many cats spend time in one of the rescue’s cat rooms as they decompress and are evaluated medically. This is an important part of the process to make sure that the cats are placed into appropriate fosters and are happy in the meantime. Rescue Rebuild started in these rooms by transforming them into fun colorful spaces where the cats had cubbies, rope bridges and countless perches to play on. We even installed color coordinated litter boxes and a large bench for volunteers to socialize with the cats.

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But we didn’t stop there! Next we constructed two new “Catios” (outdoor cat enclosures) outside so that the cats would have free roam of the outside. The fresh air means less respiratory issues and happier, healthier cats! After the catios, we focused on others projects outside such as a play yard for dogs, privacy fencing, grading to keep water from coming into the building and a shed. Inside we made improvements to the lobby including new desks, a refreshed check-in area and a new bulletin board. We even installed insulation and made improvements to their HVAC system! When Rescue Rebuild left, there were few parts of the building not renovated, but the most significant change was the new enjoyment of the animals in the catios and play yards!

YOU can help Rescue Rebuild save more cats by clicking here.