Rescue Rebuild: Masters of the One-Day Build

By Zach Baker, Director of Rescue Rebuild

City of Temple Animal Shelter had been looking for new ways to beautify their shelter and make it more inviting to prospective adopters. Studies have shown that the brighter and more relaxing a shelter is, the better adoption rate they will have, which is the ultimate goal.

The day started with some lighter and brighter paint on the inside of the shelter. The floors needed a lot of help. The top of the concrete floors was in dire need of coating. As concrete gets old the top, the smooth layer can become loose and break off exposing a more porous concrete underneath. Being porous it will retain bacteria and won’t be sanitary for the dogs to walk on. The solution is a strong acid etch and a very expensive 2-part epoxy coating which the shelter received! Next, came the outdoor pergola which instantly transformed the back play area by casting shade underneath for anyone to enjoy on a hot Texas afternoon. Plus, some general landscaping, repainted doors, repaired kennels and new chain link fencing were all completed.

What a tremendously successful one-day build! So much was accomplished in a short period. What may look like an impossible task is incredibly doable when you have determined and motivated volunteers to help make it happen!

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