Rescue Rebuild – Preventing Houdini Escapes Since 2007

As animal shelters struggle to cast off the “dog pound” and “dog jail” image, Rescue Rebuild has learned that an important part of that process is enhancing a shelter’s curb appeal. Sebastian County Humane Society in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, was one of those shelters in need of a facelift. They wanted their adopters to feel more at home when they visited the shelter. Rescue Rebuild volunteers came from all over the area to partake in this fun, yet fast-paced one-day build.

The main project for the day was to make the kennels safer for our friends by replacing or fixing all of their chain link. No more Houdini escapes! Then with the addition of new flower beds and cleanup of the old beds, the curb appeal began. The beds received fresh mulch and flowers visible from the road making this one pleasant sight! Rescue Rebuild left certain that these improvements will increase adoption rates significantly.

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