On the Road Again

It’s no secret that GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Rebuild team is often on the road. Luckily they love what they do and want to help anywhere they can… meaning they get to drive their trailer all over the country.

Team members often fly to their destinations, but this time around Matt and Casey had the honor to drive the Rescue Rebuild truck, trailer and all, from St. Louis to Denver!

While they started full of energy and ready to go, life on the road can quickly drain that enthusiasm. Between traffic, road construction, and weather, driving can get a little boring. So, what did Casey and Matt decide to do to pass the time? Well, Casey read the entire owner’s manual for the truck. Page by page. They’re our go-to experts now!

All jokes aside, the team loves being on the road taking in the beautiful sights our country has to offer. After all, at the end of the trip, we get to build something new and exciting and make the world a little better one build at a time.

“Our favorite during this trip was seeing the Rocky Mountains. It was so beautiful that we came back after the trip for some fishing.”—Matt

It’s not always about landing a fish, sometimes it’s nice to just explore a new place and see parts of the country you may not have ever thought about going to see.”—Casey