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Visiting the Garden State

Walk out of the doors of Liberty Humane Society (LHS) and you won’t have to look hard to see Lady Liberty herself overlooking the shelter. The staff strives to seek liberty and love for all the animals that make their way into the shelter. Unfortunately, they were running out of space for the animals.

So, they purchased a new property … and by “new property”, we mean an old, abandoned dog shelter. Between this new project and a shelter renovation, LHS needed our help! Thanks to donations from the Hartz Mountain Corporation, Rescue Rebuild was able to do just that! 

We began our work at the new property. Our team welded all of the gates and gate latches to secure the location. Then we installed 28 new gates for indoor/outdoor kennels, 28 guillotine doors, and built chain-link lids for all of the kennels. Now we were ready for the main center!

Alongside Hartz and local volunteers, Rescue Rebuild worked on a new design for the cat room from Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther.

We dove right into the project, starting with new tile, cleanable wall surfaces, and a fresh coat of paint all around. We built new cabinets and shelves to store cat carriers and made more space for the cats to run and play. 

In the free-roaming rooms, we built a new wall to divide the space into more rooms and build lots of cool cubbies, bridges, and perches!  We finished off the renovation with a new desk, some new storage and a new sink for the prep areas. 

But we weren’t done! We also added 36 portals into their cat cages to give the cats spaces that allow them to have their litter and food separate. 

We’re very proud of the work we got done and know that this welcoming space will be great for these shelter pets until they go to their forever homes.