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Building a Brighter Future for Tennessee Pets

Every year, thousands of pets end up back in shelters because their owners are unable to properly care for them. While these owners usually love their pets, behavior issues, housing logistics, or time constraints make for a difficult situation and shelters end up overcrowded.

This is a growing issue in Knoxville, TN leaving no room at the Young Williams Animal Center which is consistently at full capacity. Fortunately, the Young Williams staff counts on their pet resource center for help.

When owners come in to surrender their pets, they’re referred to this center first to try to understand and resolve the problem. Owners can get counseling and access to additional resources that will help keep their pets at home.

Thanks to your donations, Rescue Rebuild was able to travel to Knoxville to build a brand new pet resource center for Young Williams and make upgrades to their main space! Luckily, we had help from some great volunteers.

The entire animal intake received new flooring, as well as new desks for their offices, and freshly painted walls all over the building.

The new pet resource space will make more room to counsel more owners to keep their pets and open up space for homeless pets in desperate need of shelter!

This is a big step in animal welfare and a movement our team stands behind. Most people look down at those wanting to surrender a pet but overlook the fact that often surrendering is the only option these pet owners see. Young Williams’ managed admissions are a successful way to keep more animals out of shelters and in homes.