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Monday, June 25

Frenchtown Dog Park: Built With Pride

It was an amazing site to see so many volunteers, 75 to be exact, all work hard with a common purpose and drive to make sure the dogs will have a safe and secure place to play.

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Tuesday, May 22

Rescue Rebuild Helps Put the Pieces Back Together After Hurricane Irma

Thankfully, the building wasn’t damaged, but they no longer had any outside fencing, the pens were gone, and the outdoor play yard was no more. Rescue Rebuild couldn’t leave these four-legged friends completely cooped up inside, so we came up with the solution—Florida Keys SPCA were getting an all-new play yard, six outdoor playpens with double containment, and an isolation pen. So many holes the needed digging! Just under 100 holes to be exact. It didn’t take long for us to run into our first obstacle….

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Friday, May 11

Save Thousands of Pets at Ruff Start Rescue!

In 2017, 1,681 dogs and cats found forever homes through Ruff Start Rescue!

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Monday, April 16

Haven for Hope: Providing Hope for the Homeless and Their Pets

Pets are such a benefit while we are going through tough times. They can provide so much support without even saying a word. We didn’t want someone to have to make a choice between their pet or a warm meal and a roof. With these renovations, they are now able to increase their intake and change the lives of many more!

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Monday, March 26

Florida Keys SPCA; The “Key” to Rebuilding

Their shelter was once home to several, mature trees providing shade to the play yards and outdoor kennels filled their back property. However, once Hurricane Irma blew through they were left with all of their shade trees completely uprooted and their kennels, play yards and perimeter fencing all destroyed by these uprooted trees. Without even as much as a perimeter fence, they couldn’t utilize any of their space and dogs couldn’t get outside to release their energy. This may not seem like a big deal, however, if a dog isn’t able to go outside to release their energy, they will become loud and overactive inside their kennels and less likely to be adopted. This is why this build was so important. We had to give these dogs a place to exercise so they would become more adoptable in the eyes of future adopters.

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Monday, March 19

The House that Built Me – Pt. 2

What you didn’t read about was a back story of the old, dilapidated house and how this remodel changed the life of one of its past tenants.

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Thursday, March 15

Favorite Four – Shelter Rebuilder vs. Kibble Dribbler

This year Rescue Bank is hoping to dribble its way to more kibble, while Rescue Rebuild is in the paint hoping it doesn't just throw up bricks. Meanwhile, in our other match, A Shot at Life has been throwing up lifesaving shots while the Animal Medical team is executing plays with surgical precision. It should be an exciting tournament, and no matter who comes out on top, shelter animals all win!

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Wednesday, March 14

The House that Built Me – Pt. 1

Their idea was to get an adoption center started that would allow animal rescues from all over the area to hold adoption events. What better way to bring pet-friendly people to the center than to put a dog park right behind it!

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Monday, February 19

Escambia County Animal Shelter: From Bland to Grand

However, for this to come to fruition, we had to complete it in only nine days! Not only did we have the daunting task to try and complete this in record time but PBS was filming a documentary about Rescue Rebuild in an upcoming episode of “Shelter Me” during this build! To say our plate was full would be an understatement. Many late nights and early mornings were upon us.

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Monday, January 22

Adventures on the Island

By Chris Coulter, Rescue Rebuild […]

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