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Help Rescue Rebuild Renovate the Lost Our Home Pet Rescue in Tempe, AZ

Rescue Rebuild is heading to Tempe, AZ, where we will be doing some renovations for the Lost Our Home Pet Rescue. This rescue has an amazing program that takes in the pets of people in crisis. Regardless of the situation the pet parent is facing, this program gives them relief of the fear of having to go through losing their pet, and allows them to focus on regaining stability in their lives so they can be reunited with their furry companion. We will be renovating five cats rooms complete with cubbies, bridges and other enrichment, making it a fun place for the cats to get out and play! We will be installing dog kennels to be able to house more pets of people in crisis, and to make the stay for these pets a comfortable and welcoming one.

The dates of this project will be from April 5th – April 12th, 2020

Projects may vary but here some of the tasks to be expected:

  • Install new kennels
  • Painting
  • Building and installing cat enrichment

No construction experience necessary, Rescue Rebuild is more than happy to teach you all you will need to know! We’ve got the tools, the safety equipment, and we’ll be providing water and lunches as well.