Rescue Rebuild - The Wild Animal Sanctuary - Springfield, CO, June 2020 Sign Up

Help Rescue Rebuild At The Wild Animal Sanctuary - Springfield, CO - June, 2020

GreaterGood’s Rescue Rebuild program will be in Springfield, Colorado, at The Wild Animal Sanctuary. This is a really special project that differs from anything else we do, so we would love for you to come experience this really cool opportunity firsthand! We will be building a 30 – 40-acre habitat for a soon to be determined wild animal at their refuge location. Likely for Wolves or for something in the cat family (Lion/Tiger/Jaguar/Leopard). This will be an addition to an already successful sanctuary near Denver that is home to over 520 animals! This new location is nearly 10,000 acres and will soon provide homes to many more wild animals in need! The work we will be doing will be very physically demanding and volunteering requires camping onsite. We will be providing sleeping quarters, bedding, camp showers, meals, and providing a ride to site from Denver, CO. Volunteer slots are first come first serve, so don’t miss out!

The dates for this project will be June 18th – June 28th, 2020.

Some of the tasks we will be doing are as follows:

  • Setting fence posts
  • Hanging fence
  • Installing hot wires

No construction experience necessary, Rescue Rebuild is more than happy to teach you all you will need to know! We’ve got the tools, and all the safety equipment you will need!