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Help Get Kitties Out of Cages

By Dr. Bryna Donnelly, Director of Rescue Rebuild

Too often cats housed in shelters are forced to live in small cages. The confined space frequently stresses the kitty out to the point where they are more susceptible to disease and illness. To make matters worse, they can develop a temperament that is not going to lead to adoption. Solution?

Get cats out of cages! Communal sheltering is the way to go. Rescue Rebuild has been advocating for this type of cat sheltering for years. Shelters have seen vast differences in their cats’ health and mental wellbeing. As a bonus, the shelters’ volunteer rates increase, vet bills decrease, and adoption rates skyrocket. Some shelters only have small spaces that can be renovated to house cats communally, while others can have whole new buildings added to create what Rescue Rebuild calls their Catty Shacks!

These Catty Shacks are beautiful spaces that allow volunteers to interact more fully and naturally with the kitties. They also give adopters a comfortable and inviting place to spend time with their potential new family members. These home-like environments help socialize the cats, ensuring that they will get along more easily with their new family’s other four-legged friends. As a training benefit, the Catty Shacks help cats transition with more ease into their new home environment.

Rescue Rebuild installed this gorgeous Catty Shack for Metro Animal Care and Control in Nashville, Tennessee, hence the cool music theme. It’s all about making these spaces fun for adopters!

To help Rescue Rebuild get more cats out of shelters and into forever homes, click here.

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