Rescue Rebuild and the Animal Brigade of Mexico City

By Chris Coulter, Rescue Rebuild Program Manager

The Animal Brigade of Mexico City, Mexico was an impoverished yet, well-run shelter. What it lacked in donations they made up for in heart. They were able to do miraculous things with very little. However, they had opportunities that once addressed would give them the big break they needed.

Animal Brigade had an issue with their dogs digging out of their outdoor kennels. This posed a big problem for obvious reasons. Their facility was quite rural, and once they had dug out of their kennel, it could take days to find them.

International builds pose numerous difficulties. The distance doesn’t allow for Rescue Rebuild’s truck and trailer full of tools to make the trip. This means that any tools they use have to be either shipped directly or purchased once they arrive. Another difficulty is the language barrier. But the rewards far outweigh the difficulty of overcoming these obstacles.

Limited tools, flat tires and uncooperative weather were no match for a dedicated and hard-working group of volunteers and staff. Over 450 ft of chain link was buried to prevent the dogs from digging out of their kennels. Numerous raised beds were built allowing the dogs to sleep up off the cold ground.

But, this story doesn’t end here. One special dog soon found himself on an airplane headed to San Diego. After numerous hours and phone calls, Rescue Rebuild’s own, Zach Baker, adopted a wiry Shepherd/Malinois mix named Copper! No more sleeping outside on the ground for this little guy. His life has been forever changed and now with these new improvements to Animal Brigade many dogs now have similar stories!

When Rescue Rebuild transforms a shelter or rescue, adoption rates increase as high as 300 percent!
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