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Save Thousands of Pets at Ruff Start Rescue!

Left: Hope before rescue. Right: Hope in her forever home.

This is Hope. Emaciated, sick, and afraid, Hope was pulled from a shelter in Ohio and flown to Minnesota for rescue. Little did Hope know, her rescue would spark one of the most innovative adoption programs in the country!

When Ruff Start Rescue (RSR) pulled Hope from the shelter, they placed her with a volunteer foster family. In their care, Hope was able to get medical attention, kindness and eventually adopted. Because of Hope, RSR learned that they had the potential to save thousands of animals in need through fostering. In 2017, 1,681 dogs and cats found forever homes through this rescue!

However, RSR is currently operating with minimal room for animal care on-site at their new facility. “Because we don’t have a shelter, we can only take a new animal when we have a vacant foster home for the pet to live in while they await their forever home.”

That’s where Rescue Rebuild comes in. RSR has been able to secure a facility to take in a few dogs and cats.

Now we need your help to transform the designated animal care spaces of the RSR facility into those of a world-class shelter so rescued pets like Hope can wait to be placed in a foster home until they find loving homes!

You can make all the difference! Help Rebuild Ruff Start Rescue for Pets like Hope by clicking here!

100% of your donation not only provides all rescue animals with a safe and stimulating environment to wait until the can be placed with foster families but allows RSR to make room for new adoption goals. You can help more deserving animals, like Hope, find loving homes sooner than later!

RSR is rescuing hundreds of animals at any given time. With your support, Rescue Rebuild will create a brand new “catio,” and a community cat room where cats can run, play, and relax. For our canine friends, staff will build a dedicated outdoor play area for dogs to let out their energy.

But none of this can happen without your support. Please, donate today and help make this project a reality for thousands of deserving, adoptable animals like Hope!

You can make all the difference! Help Rebuild Ruff Start Rescue for Pets like Hope by clicking here!