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Frenchtown Dog Park: Built With Pride

By Chris Coulter, Rescue Rebuild Program Manager

St. Louis, MO is a very dog-friendly area. But like all big cities, navigating them can be challenging and often time-consuming. A small community nestled within St. Louis reached out to Purina and asked for help. The majority of their shops and businesses all allowed pets inside, but unfortunately, they didn’t have any dog parks that they could frequent that wasn’t an hour commute with traffic. Purina has an annual PetCare Pride Day where local Purina employees dedicate a day of service to help out local communities. With the help of Purina and Rescue Rebuild, we were going to make this happen!

Hard at work

Through many conversations with community leaders, a location and plan were determined. The new location was in a quiet area at the end of a dead-end street. Oak trees scattered the property which left the area well shaded with the occasional glimpses of warm sunlight.

New agility steps and bench

As the build date quickly approached our volunteer sign-up sheet continued to grow. There was a huge outpouring of local Purina volunteers that wanted to be a part of this special build. Not only did they want to enjoy this dog park once it was finished, but they wanted to be a part of its creation.

New storage shed and tunnels

With a team of volunteers, it was now time to begin. We had several teams working on several projects. One team grabbed shovels and started grading the area. By making the ground more level and flat it would be safer for both dogs and their owners. Then on one side of the park, a new bamboo fence was being installed while on the other side we added benches and agility steps.

Another team had their levels and hammers out building a new storage shed. The last team was working on tunnels for the dogs to run underneath or lay in and enjoy the shade. By the end of this one day build, these volunteers were exhausted, but they had one last project to finalize and complete this build. Wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of mulch was carted in and spread out. Then came the wheelbarrow everyone had been waiting for…the last! This build was now complete!

Riley enjoying a game of fetch in the new dog park

It was a fantastic site to see so many volunteers, 75 to be exact, all work hard with a common purpose and drive to make sure the dogs will have a safe and secure place to play. A whole dog park built in just one day. Purina PetCare Pride Day was a success! Thank you, Purina!

Purina volunteers who made this possible

YOU can help Rescue Rebuild continue to build dog parks and renovate shelters and rescues across the country by clicking HERE.

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