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Rescue Rebuild Renovates Women’s Domestic Violence Shelters to Accept Family Pets

By Chris Coulter, Rescue Rebuild Program Manager

If you’ve read any of our past blogs, you’ll see that Rescue Rebuild has built and renovated numerous animal shelters and dog parks and helped more animals get adopted than an accountant could easily count. I’ve never been a “math guy,” but I know it’s a lot. However, helping animals find their permanent home isn’t the only avenue we use to help them. We also care about their owners. Just four days ago, Rescue Rebuild came off of a very successful build at a women’s domestic violence shelter in Missouri. It’s currently a beautiful Sunday evening as I write this blog and able to reflect on the successes of this build and how it’s going to help so many women as they regain a safe and prosperous life again… with their faithful companion right by their side.

Cutting in the corners before adding new paint to the walls

You can help women suffering from domestic violence bring their pets along to a safe shelter by clicking here.
Be a hero—save lives! 

Many people aren’t aware that nearly 50% of women in an abusive situation won’t leave that situation because they fear for their pet. You see, a majority of domestic violence shelters aren’t set up to be animal-friendly. They are set up for children but what about the other members of their family, i.e., their pet that has been by their side through thick and thin?

For the security of the shelter and their residents, I won’t mention the name of the shelter or the location; this shelter realized the need in their community for rooms set up specifically for those who are needing to stay at their shelter with their pet.

Construction started with the removal of the existing carpet in two of the apartments including the padding underneath and scraping all of the existing glue that once kept it in place. Hours were spent ensuring the floor was correctly prepped and ready for new tile. Two days were spent laying new tile and grout while prepping the walls for all new paint. Every room, from floor to ceiling received an all-new facelift with new paint, and essentially new life breathed into every room. Topping off the new renovation was all new baseboards throughout giving it that professional, finished look.

Finished floor, paint, and baseboards

Next was to convert a fenced-in section of their property for a new play yard! Because what good is having pet-friendly apartments if they don’t have anywhere to play? So, new wire went on their existing wrought-iron fence making it safer for the dogs to play and a new matching wrought-iron gate to match! Completing this play yard was four all-new benches for owners to sit and relax while their companions are running around.

With the new play yard and two apartments given their much-needed facelift and now pet-friendly, we wanted to revive their community garden. Their residents have a community garden they utilize to grow flowers, vegetables, and spices which can be therapeutic in their transition. This garden was small, and the weather hasn’t been nice to it through the years. The plan was to demolish their old garden and build a brand new one with raised garden beds, even bigger than the last. “Out with the old and in with the new.” An all new therapeutic garden, modern, revived pet-friendly apartments, and a new life for these survivors and the pets that stayed by their side the whole time!

You can help women suffering from domestic violence bring their pets along to a safe shelter by clicking here.
Be a hero—save lives! 

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