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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

By Kimberly Spina, Rescue Rebuild Program Manager

Both the Rescue Rebuild and Nashville Humane Association teams got together to help another local animal shelter. Rescue Rebuild had a fun-filled two days working side by side with both Nashville Humane Association and Cheatham County Animal Control. Rescue Rebuild learned that the staff at both of these shelters sure know how to work hard and get the job done. Cheatham County Animal Control is just west of Nashville, in Pegram, TN, and has had new leadership and works tirelessly and exhausts all means for the benefit of the animals. This shelter was in desperate need of a few quick fixes that would dramatically make the lives of both the staff and the shelter dogs that much better.

Cheatham County Animal Control was facing many issues with both their indoor and outdoor kennels. It was getting so bad, to the point where the dogs were able to push the gate latches open, chew through the old chain link and then get loose on the shelter’s grounds. With enough strength and persistence, the chain link and the gate latches can only take so much. The Rescue Rebuild team made repairs to nearly 30 chain link kennels. This included new latches, replacing or fixing damaged chain link and new wire ties to keep everything tight.

Indoor kennels, check! Now to the outdoor kennels. Rescue Rebuild installed guillotines on nine outdoor runs and added metal roofing for visual barriers on each side of the 18 kennels. These visual barriers on either side of the kennels help keep the dogs calm, allowing them to see outside but not each other. Cheatham County Animal Control can now successfully rotate an entire room of dogs out to safe and secure outdoor kennels while they are cleaning the indoor kennels. This is something that they have never been able to do before.

Both Rescue Rebuild and Nashville Humane Association pride themselves on our partnerships, as together we are saving as many lives as possible. With just a few physical changes to Cheatham’s building, we were able to vastly improve the quality of care for their animals and also the morale of the staff.

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