Two Builds, One Trip

The Rescue Rebuild team is keeping busy with help from Purina PetCare!

Purina’s Purple Leash Project provides funding and resources to domestic violence shelters who accept both survivors and their pets. The leash serves as a symbol of the unbreakable bond between pets and their owners, while the purple represents the importance of domestic violence awareness.

Sounded like a mission our team was perfect for! So off to St. Louis they went for not one, but TWO projects.

With the help of over 70 Purina PetCare volunteers, the Rescue Rebuild staff worked hard to renovate two existing spaces to be pet-friendly at Lydia’s House, a domestic violence shelter.

Inside, the team installed and grouted new tile, fitted new baseboards, and painted a fresh coat of paint on all walls and ceilings.

Outside, volunteers planted new plants and vegetables in the garden, installed a water drop system in the garden, installed new waste stations along the property and prepped and painted the entrance to the building.

But the team wasn’t done just yet!

It’s no secret that it can be hard to find green space in the city, so the rest of our volunteers were busy helping build a new dog park to be called Benton Dog Park. Now the neighborhood dogs get ample off-leash exercise and can socialize with their friends and their owners! With brand new aluminum fencing with double containment, this new dog park is ready to be filled with pups. Enrichment is key. Volunteers helped plant trees for shade, built benches for owners to sit on and agility steps for dogs to climb on!

This Purine PetCare Pride Day was a great success. Rescue Rebuild loved traveling to St. Louis and not only help towards keeping people and pets together and safe, but also providing a brand new dog park to the city.