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preparing to install cat portals

Thanks to your generous donations, Greater Good Charities’ Rescue Rebuild crew recently visited Cincinnati, OH, to take part in the Portalmania 2020 initiative, with A Million Cat Challenge and Team Shelter USA. The team’s goal was to install 82 portals in one week at two local animal shelters! 

Fun in Ohio

The crew started at Animal Friends Humane Society and, despite technical issues, was able to install 65 portals. During some unexpected free time, the crew was also able to complete much-needed maintenance on the Rescue Rebuild tool trailer, ensuring it’s readiness for many more adventures.  

installing cat portals

After that, the team headed on over to see our friends at Cincinnati Animal CARE to install the 17 remaining portals. 

Cat Portals

The GOOD doesn’t stop there. With your help, Rescue Rebuild is embarking on a mission to improve shelter cats’ lives by retrofitting shelters across America with cat portals.

These low-cost portals join adjacent cat cages, transforming them into spiffy double-compartment cat condos. This gives shelter cats separate areas for rest and bathroom use, which has been proven to decrease stress and illness.

The team headed home knowing their work will make a huge difference in the quality of life of these feline friends. Five days and thousands of lives changed, all thanks to donors like YOU!

cat walking through portal