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Wednesday, April 22

Rebuilding a Humane Society in the Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian

Rescue Rebuild is back at the Humane Society of Grand Bahama for Phase 2!

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Tuesday, February 25

Rescue Rebuild Partners with PetSmart Charities® to Renovate Shelter Ravaged by Hurricane Dorian

Rescue Rebuild is currently in […]

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Friday, March 1

Hope After Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, and caused extensive damage to the entire island. Widespread power outages, food, and fuel shortages along with the already limited infrastructure on the island made for a slow recovery process. Rescue Rebuild was eager to help the animals of Puerto Rico, so we visited shelters throughout the island looking for a place where our volunteers could make a huge impact.

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Tuesday, May 22

Rescue Rebuild Helps Put the Pieces Back Together After Hurricane Irma

Thankfully, the building wasn’t damaged, but they no longer had any outside fencing, the pens were gone, and the outdoor play yard was no more. Rescue Rebuild couldn’t leave these four-legged friends completely cooped up inside, so we came up with the solution—Florida Keys SPCA were getting an all-new play yard, six outdoor playpens with double containment, and an isolation pen. So many holes the needed digging! Just under 100 holes to be exact. It didn’t take long for us to run into our first obstacle….

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Monday, March 26

Florida Keys SPCA; The “Key” to Rebuilding

Their shelter was once home to several, mature trees providing shade to the play yards and outdoor kennels filled their back property. However, once Hurricane Irma blew through they were left with all of their shade trees completely uprooted and their kennels, play yards and perimeter fencing all destroyed by these uprooted trees. Without even as much as a perimeter fence, they couldn’t utilize any of their space and dogs couldn’t get outside to release their energy. This may not seem like a big deal, however, if a dog isn’t able to go outside to release their energy, they will become loud and overactive inside their kennels and less likely to be adopted. This is why this build was so important. We had to give these dogs a place to exercise so they would become more adoptable in the eyes of future adopters.

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Monday, January 22

Adventures on the Island

By Chris Coulter, Rescue Rebuild […]

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Monday, December 4

Love for (Almost) All Animals

Rescue Rebuild was able to enlist a large number of volunteers even though this wasn’t your every day, dog and cat type of shelter.

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Tuesday, September 12

Hurricane Harvey through the Eyes of Rescue Rebuild

By Chris Coulter, Rescue Rebuild […]

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