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Monday, June 25

Frenchtown Dog Park: Built With Pride

It was an amazing site to see so many volunteers, 75 to be exact, all work hard with a common purpose and drive to make sure the dogs will have a safe and secure place to play.

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Monday, February 19

Escambia County Animal Shelter: From Bland to Grand

However, for this to come to fruition, we had to complete it in only nine days! Not only did we have the daunting task to try and complete this in record time but PBS was filming a documentary about Rescue Rebuild in an upcoming episode of “Shelter Me” during this build! To say our plate was full would be an understatement. Many late nights and early mornings were upon us.

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Monday, January 22

Adventures on the Island

By Chris Coulter, Rescue Rebuild […]

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Monday, December 18

Dogs With Disabilities: My Own Experience

Along the way, we learned a couple of tips that could help anyone that may be reading this that may have a deaf dog or one with a disability.

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Monday, December 4

Love for (Almost) All Animals

Rescue Rebuild was able to enlist a large number of volunteers even though this wasn’t your every day, dog and cat type of shelter.

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Monday, November 20

Rescue Rebuild: A Learning Experience

We had to weld enormous cages for all kinds of wild animals ranging from raccoons to foxes to even eagles. It was an unusually hot August even for Oklahoma. Especially under a mask, thick leather gloves, a heavy, black fireproof jacket, and of course a flame that is hot enough to join metal together.

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Wednesday, March 1

Help Save Thousands of Shelter and Rescue Animals!

Many folks do not realize […]

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