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Friday, March 1

Hope After Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, and caused extensive damage to the entire island. Widespread power outages, food, and fuel shortages along with the already limited infrastructure on the island made for a slow recovery process. Rescue Rebuild was eager to help the animals of Puerto Rico, so we visited shelters throughout the island looking for a place where our volunteers could make a huge impact.

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Monday, April 16

Haven for Hope: Providing Hope for the Homeless and Their Pets

Pets are such a benefit while we are going through tough times. They can provide so much support without even saying a word. We didn’t want someone to have to make a choice between their pet or a warm meal and a roof. With these renovations, they are now able to increase their intake and change the lives of many more!

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Wednesday, March 14

The House that Built Me – Pt. 1

Their idea was to get an adoption center started that would allow animal rescues from all over the area to hold adoption events. What better way to bring pet-friendly people to the center than to put a dog park right behind it!

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Monday, January 22

Adventures on the Island

By Chris Coulter, Rescue Rebuild […]

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Monday, January 15

Let’s play: Pet Enrichment Ideas

It’s hard to beat one on one time with your pet. Roughhousing in the living room, Frisbee, fetch and tug-of-war are all great examples of activities for dogs inside the house or backyard. Cats enjoy batting at string, feathers and chasing laser pointers pointed at the floor! (Be careful as laser pointers pointed directly into your pet’s eye can cause serious damage—even blindness).

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Monday, December 4

Love for (Almost) All Animals

Rescue Rebuild was able to enlist a large number of volunteers even though this wasn’t your every day, dog and cat type of shelter.

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Monday, November 20

Rescue Rebuild: A Learning Experience

We had to weld enormous cages for all kinds of wild animals ranging from raccoons to foxes to even eagles. It was an unusually hot August even for Oklahoma. Especially under a mask, thick leather gloves, a heavy, black fireproof jacket, and of course a flame that is hot enough to join metal together.

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Friday, November 3

Life on the Road Improving Animal Shelters

Currently, we have four builds quickly approaching back to back. This is going to take us on the road, away from our family, friends, pets and loved ones for about two months.

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Monday, August 21

Helping Animals Survive the Storm

Several tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma leaving a huge path of destruction. The Guthrie Animal Shelter was one of many buildings destroyed that night.

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Thursday, August 10

Rescue Rebuild Oklahoma City – An Eye Opening Experience

No longer is my motivation just an excuse to get out of the office and play with power tools, but now I realize the importance and the impact on both the animals and staff members. That alone makes all the early mornings and late nights on the job site well worth it!

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