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Wednesday, January 6


Thanks to your generous donations, Greater Good Charities’ Rescue Rebuild crew recently visited Cincinnati, OH, to take part in the Portalmania 2020 initiative, with A Million Cat Challenge and Team Shelter USA. The team’s goal was to install 82 portals in one week at two local animal shelters!

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Wednesday, April 22

Rebuilding a Humane Society in the Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian

Rescue Rebuild is back at the Humane Society of Grand Bahama for Phase 2!

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Tuesday, February 25

Rescue Rebuild Partners with PetSmart Charities® to Renovate Shelter Ravaged by Hurricane Dorian

Rescue Rebuild is currently in […]

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Tuesday, February 4

Making Progress in Montclair

The Rescue Rebuild team is currently in New Jersey renovating the Montclair Animal Shelter cat rooms!

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Friday, January 24

The Team Went Down to Georgia

Rescue Rebuild, together with Red Rover, is working on building safe spaces for survivors and their pets all across the country. Their most recent build was in Georgia.

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Monday, December 16

Building a Brighter Future for Tennessee Pets

Every year, thousands of pets end up back in shelters because their owners are unable to properly care for them. A shelter in Knoxville, TN is working to fix that and Rescue Rebuild is helping!

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Thursday, November 21

All Kennel and No Play Makes Pets Dull Boys (and Girls)

With no dog play yards or cats rooms, the pets at Lifeline Animal Project in Atlanta were getting a little bored waiting for their forever homes. That's why Rescue Rebuild built some fun for these pups and kitties!

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Tuesday, October 8

Rebuilding to Keep Families Together

Rescue Rebuild helped Safe Voices create a pet-friendly space during their last build.

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Tuesday, October 1

Leave No Family Behind’s Rescue Rebuild program is working to keep people safe by renovating domestic violence shelters to be pet-friendly.

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Thursday, September 5

Visiting the Garden State

Walk out of the doors of Liberty Humane Society (LHS) and you won’t have to look hard to see Lady Liberty herself overlooking the shelter.

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