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Tuesday, February 12

400 Volunteers Helping Animals

There is a new idea that many dog parks are embracing, and we were able to make that happen at Christopher Columbus Park. While the existing dog park had a large dog and a small dog area, there is a substantial benefit to also having a space for lower energy dogs so that they don’t get overly anxious by the more rambunctious bunch. With it being such a sizeable park, we were able to divide the large dog park to then create this low energy section for the more old-timers and mellow fellows. Having so many volunteers, we were able to gravel the whole park to not only make it look nicer, but also make it more accessible when muddy and more manageable for the city to maintain. We also had time to build two new shade pavilions in the areas lacking shade and touched up the paint on the ones we built the year before. Making sure that all sections of the dog park have access to water, owners are now able to bring their dog to the park and have them com

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Tuesday, January 29

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

By Kimberly Spina, Rescue Rebuild […]

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Tuesday, July 10

Rescue Rebuild Renovates Women’s Domestic Violence Shelters to Accept Family Pets

Many people aren’t aware that nearly 50% of women in an abusive situation won’t leave that situation because they fear for their pet.

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Monday, June 25

Frenchtown Dog Park: Built With Pride

It was an amazing site to see so many volunteers, 75 to be exact, all work hard with a common purpose and drive to make sure the dogs will have a safe and secure place to play.

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Monday, June 11

Rain, Sleet, and Snow: Rescue Rebuild Is Always on the Go

Halifax Humane Society proved to be a very challenging build. One that threw us curveballs the entire trip.

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Monday, March 19

The House that Built Me – Pt. 2

What you didn’t read about was a back story of the old, dilapidated house and how this remodel changed the life of one of its past tenants.

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Wednesday, March 14

The House that Built Me – Pt. 1

Their idea was to get an adoption center started that would allow animal rescues from all over the area to hold adoption events. What better way to bring pet-friendly people to the center than to put a dog park right behind it!

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Monday, January 15

Let’s play: Pet Enrichment Ideas

It’s hard to beat one on one time with your pet. Roughhousing in the living room, Frisbee, fetch and tug-of-war are all great examples of activities for dogs inside the house or backyard. Cats enjoy batting at string, feathers and chasing laser pointers pointed at the floor! (Be careful as laser pointers pointed directly into your pet’s eye can cause serious damage—even blindness).

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Wednesday, July 19

Let’s Go Out & Play!

By Chris Coulter, Rescue Rebuild […]

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