Current Volunteer Opportunities

Liberty Humane Society - Jersey City, NJ - March, 2020

Rescue Rebuild is heading to Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City, NJ, to renovate an animal shelter that finally got approval for some much needed changes. We will be installing lots of kennels, and creating a space so they will have a functional isolation area for the first time!

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue - Tempe, AZ - April, 2020

Rescue Rebuild is heading to Tempe, AZ, where we will be doing some renovations for the Lost Our Home Pet Rescue. This rescue has an amazing program that takes in the pets of people in crisis. Regardless of the situation the pet parent is facing, this program gives them relief of the fear of having to go through losing their pet, and allows them to focus on regaining stability in their lives so they can be reunited with their furry companion. We will be renovating five cats rooms complete with cubbies, bridges and other enrichment, making it a fun place for the cats to get out and play! We will be installing dog kennels to be able to house more pets of people in crisis, and to make the stay for these pets a comfortable and welcoming one.

Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society - Bowling Green, KY - April, 2020

Rescue Rebuild is heading to Bowling Green, Kentucky to renovate old, and build new play yards complete with enrichment for the dogs. This will enable the shelter can have play groups in efforts to socialize them with other dogs, learn more about their personalities, and hopefully help them find their forever homes faster!

Domestic Violence Shelter - Missouri - June, 2020

More Details Coming Soon!

The Wild Animal Sanctuary - Springfield, Colorado - June, 2020

Rescue Rebuild is headed to Springfield, CO, to build a 30 - 40 acre habitat for a soon to be determined wild animal! This new refuge location will be an addition to the already successful sanctuary near Denver that is home to over 520 wild animals! This is a really special project and we would love for you to join us!

Domestic Violence Shelter - California - July, 2020

More details coming soon!

Domestic Violence Shelter - West Virginia - August, 2020