Meet The Crew!

Along with volunteers across the country, Rescue Rebuild is operated by a bunch of hammer-swinging, animal lovers! Meet the builders behind the reins:

Bryna Donnelly: Boss Builder

Founder of Rescue Rebuild, Bryna has a passion for animals that has inspired her to address a need that few have before. Through the use of her science background combined with her experience working with tools, she’s been making a big difference in the shelter community for over 10 years.  She has creatively adapted construction practices for the shelter environment, meanwhile inspiring thousands to volunteer and work together to improve their local (or not-so-local) animals shelters. At the end of the day, her goal is to help animals be healthy, happy and into a forever home as fast as possible!

Dog Person or Cat Person?: “Woof!”

Animals at Home: “3 Dogs (Bucky, Blacky & Tinkerbell)”

Favorite RR Memory: “When I hired Zach!”

Zach Baker: Bob the Builder

A carpenter at heart, Zach’s construction background and love for animals brought him to Rescue Rebuild as a volunteer for 5 years before we finally made him stick around and help out full time!  Before Rescue Rebuild, Zach ran his remodeling company and spent most of his free time pestering Bryna about where the next build was.  Now Zach works to make plans and order materials for upcoming Rescue Rebuild projects, maintains our social media pages, and take pictures and videos of our awesome volunteers!  When he’s not brandishing a nail gun, you’ll likely seem him behind a camera, furiously taking pictures around the job site.

Dog Person or Cat Person?: “Don’t make me say!”

Animals at Home: “2 Cats (Walker & Tex) and 1 Dog (Copper)”

Favorite RR Memory: “That time I dropped a fence fitting into a drain pipe and Bryn had to fish it out bare handed, up to her shoulder in things that no one should have to touch!”